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Before starting please note that it will not make you rich or something like that. These programs will help you to earn some extra cash while you are online or surfing the internet. You do not need to invest any money to earn on these sites. These programs are absolutely free to join. So if you are a student or doing nothing or have some spare time then you can get paid when you are online.

If you are familiar with making money online then you can skip these details. This section is specially added for those who need guidance to start earning money online.

To begin earning money online the first thing you will need is an online payment processor. An online payment processor works like a credit card without revealing your identity. The online payment processor will use your email id to transact online. For now you will only need Alertpay a well known online payment processor in the world of making money. You will know more about online payment processors as you start making money. To create an Alertpay account click here.

If you have created an Alertpay account then you are ready to earn some money. In this section you will know about PTC or Paid to Click sites. PTC sites pay its members to view different advertiser’s advertisements. The lengths of ads are around 30 seconds. When the time ends your account will be credited with cash.

You will also need to know something very important before starting. These are necessary to know those who are willing to join PTC sites. These things are:

Pays Per click: This refers how much you will earn when you click on a single ad.

Referral click: Referrals are those people who you will invite to join a particular site & earn some extra when they click on ads. It will not decrease the referrals earnings but you will get some extra money because bring them to that site. Note: If you do not use someone as your referral then someone else will buy you as their referral. So it will be a waste.

Payout: This amount means that when you will earn at least this much money you can request to withdraw your earnings.

Now you can start earning. There are lots of ways to earn money. Notably some of those ways are:

  • Paid to click
  • Social conversations
  • Completing surveys
  • Reading emails
  • Searching over the internet & lots of other ways.

These were just a few sites to earn money online. Visit Search Manager for more earning opportunities.

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