Reduce the risk of loosing money to zero on autosurf

Well those who invest in autosurfs know that it is a very risky investment plan. But to earn more money we need to take risks. Money will not come to us.

But if you can invest at a right time and right way then you can reduce the risk of loosing money. I am not an expert. But I have made an strategy for reducing the risk. And with right timing and investment I can reduce the risk to almost zero.

There are some tips for investment which I have learned from experienced investors. Those are:

> Invest only that much which you can afford to loose.
> Don't be too much greedy.
> Invest when it is proper time.
> Keep up to date for the autosurf programs.
> Verify a sites age.

These are some tips I got from my online investing activities. And I am using them to earn with my added strategy which will reduce the risk of investment to zero on autosurf sites.

When an autosurf site is new they pay the members to gain trust. So other people invest on their site. This usually goes for 12 to 15 weeks. After that they show their true color. In other words they run away with the members money. As you can see that the sites pay for a period of time and then they run away.

So the right time to invest on a site is to when it is new. But should I invest more money on a new site? The answer is NO. Remember the rule "Invest only that much which you can afford to loose". So give it a try whether they pay or not. Invest for the minimum amount. Then wait till you get paid. After getting paid look for the opinions about the site. You can look them for on moneymakergroup forum. The admins of these sites also participate on MMG forum. Here goes everything I need to know about an autosurf program.

Now here comes my own little strategy:

Have some cash on my payment processor. It is enough to invest 2 or 3 times or even more of the minimum required for investment. Then when the site is old young (like 1 months old) invest a big amount on the site. This reduces the risk of loosing money because they are getting money from everywhere. So they will pay at that time. Then get a good amount of ROI on my payment processor. After that I will have enough money to invest in on that site. So what I will do now I will only invest the amount which I got more from that site. Then if they don't pay me, then I will have no loss actually.

Here is a hypothetical situation of my strategy:

I have $100 on my account. And an autosurf site has a 12% for 12 days investment plan. And the minimum deposit amount is $5. So what is the best way to invest the money for me? How much should I invest?

There are 2 ways to invest for me. one is take a high risk and invest the whole money. The other is invest only that much amount which will make me enough to invest the minimum amount.

The first option may bring me: $100 x 12% x 12 = $144 after 12 days. This brings me extra $44.

The second option may bring: $15 x 12% x 12 = $21.60 after 12 days. This brings me $6.60. Why I choose $15. Because it is making me enough to invest the mimimum amount for next cycle. As you can see I can earn over $5 so I can invest it on the next cycle and without loosing my capital.

But if I go for the first option then I will have more money on my account and can make more from the $44 ($40 actually).

My strategy is simple. All I need to do is to go with their plan (they run away after 12-15 weeks). And make some money. So my actual investment will take place on their third cycle and from the 4th cycle I can invest the amount which I got prfit. Now I can only invest the profit there and get constant return. I will continue this untill 10th cycle. And then invest the minimum amount (in this situation $5) from 11th cycle. I also have the option to not to invest.

This is my simple strategy to reduce the risk of loosing money to zero on autosurf sites. I will go with the plan. And also add only sites which I invest and update it on a regular basis.

So if I find any one is following me does not loose their money. I will keep them updated. Normally I will not get any benefit from it. But I will be adding site banners with my referral links. So those who invest can use me as their referrer and help me from their investment without paying me from their pocket. The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe via email. So whenever I post something new on this blog they will get an email.

This is it for this post now. Hope you liked my post. And also keep an eye for the new updates. I will not keep any post of any site which is a scam. So you will find all the sites which are legit on this blog. Read More......

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