Gomez Peer Zone

Gomezpeers is a get paid to be online program. If you want to earn simply for being online then it is possible. All you have to do download their software and install it and do whatever you do on your pc. There is nothing else you need to do on the internet. It is completely free of charge. And pays you every month.

Here are some information about the paying rate:

> Pays based on per minute. So it is not that difficult for you to earn. At max you can loose 1 minutes if you turn off your pc.

> Payout is only $5. And pays via Paypal, Moneybookers and Alipay.

> $1 per active referral bonus. This is good is not it. So if you are good at referring people then imagine how much you will earn.

Many people say peer gomez software will steal our private information if we run it on our computer. But it is not true. They have been online for much time now and also been paying the members. I am not sure for what reason they use others computers. All I know that they use other the software on other computers because they need some kind of signal for their server or something else.

So if you want to earn money for doing nothing then give gomez peers a try:

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Many hand prints

Manyhandprints is a new breed of PTC. You may never seen this type of PTC. You have seen many ptc saying that we are an innovative program blah blah etc. But MHP is truly an innovative program. If you join then you will not regret joining there. This is what I can say.

Here are some information about manyhandprints:

Per click - $0.005
Referral click - $0.005
Payout - $1.01
Method - Alertpay

Now what makes mhp different from other ptc site?

Well they are offering good earning opportunities with other earning systems. This is what you will not find in other sites. Other sites offer get paid to sign up for extra earnings. And if they needs investment then you will need to pay them from your own pocket. But mhp does not do this. You can directly pay for you purchases from your balance. Some other sites may offer this. But have a look on the services mhp is offering and it is like almost free:

> MHP matrix system - The speciality is you don't need to refer anyone. Each time a place is filled you a randomly choosen person will be placed on your downline. So all you need to do is just watch your account.

> MHP Lotto - You can also try your luck on mhp lottery system. The types of lottery they offer are silver, bronze, and gold. And you may win $10, $25, & $110 directly to your alertpay.

> MHP PTP -  You will get paid for every meaningful post you make. Per post rate is $0.01. And pays via paypal or alertpay.

> MHP mini ptc - Another ptc site. But the rates are half of the main PTC site. This site will help small advertisers to get traffic.

> More coming soon.

So don't let this site go away and sign up as soon as possible. This is my most recommended PTC site now. So hurry up & join MHP now. Read More......

Predictify - Earn easy money by predicting

You may never earned easy money like this over the internet. This is one site i found very easy to earn money. Check below for some other information I took from the site:

Predictify provides a simple, fun way to engage in current and future newsworthy topics. You can research, discuss and predict the outcomes of real-world events, challenge your friends to private prediction contests, build a reputation based on your accuracy, and even get paid real money when you're right. Best of all, it's free - no points or bets required. Click on the Predict tab above to get started. You can also post questions about future events and collect a large sample of predictions about the outcome.

Predictify has five levels of expertise: Beginner, Apprentice, Scholar, Expert, and Guru. Each user is assigned a level in each topic. For example, a user may be a Politics Guru, a Business Expert, and a Pop Culture Beginner.

Here are the levels with which you can earn money:

Level ----- Accuracy percentile

Beginner ---- 0-24%

Apprentice ---- 25-49%

Scholar ---- 50-74%

Expert ---- 75-89%

Guru ---- 90-99%

Visit Predictify now
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Premium Ads Club

Scam Pictures, Images and Photos

Well this is a different kind of program. They are more sustainable than other programs. Here are some features of the site:



Accept Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, STP, SP

They also have a monthly fees which you need to pay in order to invest. For example if you want to invest up to $200 then you have to buy an upgrade with $5. This is one way of funding their site and also accounts.

So if they have more funds then they will stay for long time. Also you can request payment 2 times in 15 days. So you can reinvest the money to get higher profit. You can give it a try.

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This is the first manual surf which paid me. They are well known in MMG forum and also they are paying good amount. Their pay plan is very good. So members will get paid after 15 days.

Here is a few words from their site:

- One (1) adpack is $1, and you can buy up to a maximum of 3000 adpacks total
- Minimum deposit to the wallet is $5 on ALL payment processors.
- Referral commission is 3% if you are an upgraded advertiser and 1% if you are a free advertiser
- We accept Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay and StrictPay only
- Payments for SolidTrust Pay and AlertPay are done Monday to Friday up to 24 hours after the adpack expires and requested. Liberty Reserve and StrictPay payments are PAID INSTANTLY!
- Contests, bonuses & promotions will be offered to further promote the program

Now they are a private auto surf site. This means no new member can join this program. But they are opening for a certain period of time. So then you can join but you will need an invitation to join their site. I will update the dates when new registration is open. Then you can join directly from the banner below:


The next registration op open only for 48 hours. So you will be able to join by then. So try to register by 13th & 14th December. This is one chance you may never want to miss. Read More......

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