Discussion Point

Discussion point is the hottest paid to post forum out there right now. Discussion point forum is different from the other forums and it is very easy to post there since they have lots of interests to talk about.

What makes them different? They have different and lots of sections where you can discuss about many things. Some of the head sections includes:

> Search Engines: Talk about google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines and also the products these giant companies offer.

> Marketing: Discuss about how can you earn online, utilize online advertising, use affiliate programs and make huge profit.

> Business: Discuss about general business online, different kinds of online payment processors, domain names, copyrighting and also you can do trading at this section. Not only this at this section you can find out different get paid to (GPT) earning opportunities.

> Computers: If you want to know something about any kind of computer hardware or software then you can get information from this section.

> Design & Development: Talk about HTML & Web designing, graphics and multimedia, content management, site and server administration which are related to design and development.

There are other sections as well but I think you are curious to know more about them by your self. As you can see lots of sections are there at discussion point and when you will talk about it you will learn and earn at the same time from the site.

How much discussion point offers:

- 3 cent per thread you make
- 3 cent per reply you make
- Payout is $10 via Paypal
- 20 posts per day which means you can make $18 per month.
- No infraction system
- Get rewarded for making good posts (daily)

Not satisfied yet? They also offer information about astrology, delicious recipes, sports, health and also offer photos and videos on their main site of discussion point.

Well as you can see some features discussion point offers and it is more interesting at that place. You will see for yourself when you visit there. So what are you waiting for. Click on the banner below to join discussion point.

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Lite forex - The world of financial freedom

Liteforex is a very good and resourceful site for those who is searching for a good company to trade forex. Liteforex understands the needs of the investors and also set their site according to that. There are many advantages of using liteforex.

Below, please find a list of the 12 major advantages of collaborating with Liteforex:


The LiteForex project offers you the unique opportunity to enter the Forex market with just ONE DOLLAR. All transactions on LITE group accounts are effected in US cents, so you can trade by 0.1 lots with margin rates of 1 % at a leverage of 1:100 or with margin rates of 0.5 % at a leverage of 1:200.


Straighthold Investment Group allows you to make currency transactions on the Forex market with minimal expense - you pay no commissions, just spreads.


We also pay competitive interest income on the balance amount not invited in trading on a monthly basis.


We offer unbeatable fixed spreads starting from 3 points. So, constant spread size doesnt depend on market activity.


For placing trade orders we employ Instant Execution technology. In this case on-line traders dont need to request quotes before entering the Forex market. They just open and close positions at the price they see on the monitor.


The technology of auto-hedging helps to almost completely eliminate the need for a dealer in transactions. All orders are automatically executed. Besides, the processes of account crediting and debiting are highly automated and use the most popular electronic payment systems.


LiteForex offers traders a choice of trading accounts that correspond to their Forex trading strategy and financial skills.

* LITEForex The LITEForex account group has been developed for beginners above all, but can also be used by traders who wish to test their mechanical trading systems. The main advantage of the LITEForex managed Forex account is that you only need a starting deposit of 1 US dollar. After you open the LITEForex managed Forex account you can trade through our company on the same terms as other traders, who work on other account groups. The only difference is the operating amount.*

* REALForex This account group is particularly intended for Forex professionals who have sufficient experience working with large sums.

Regardless of the account type, Straighthold Investment Group lets Forex traders choose a leverage rate of from 1:50 to 1:200.


LiteForex offers 43 trading instruments including spot Gold, spot Silver and 8 currency indexes in order to provide Forex traders with the best opportunity to choose the most suitable trading instruments.


Straighthold Investment Group provides Forex traders with the most popular Forex trading platform the MetaTrader 4.


To ensure the highest quality of service, LiteForex provides three dedicated Forex trading servers for Virtual, Lite and Real traders. Each Forex trading server has a wide variety of data centers (customer's access points) in different locations around the world to provide the quickest possible connection of the customer's Forex trading terminal to the companys Forex trading servers.


Our company provides services to Forex beginners with minimum investments as well as to Forex professionals; so we employ the most experienced Forex experts and technical support staff available on a 24/5 time basis.


For those customers who want to earn risk-free income not involved in Forex trading, LiteForex offers a wide variety of partnership opportunities including a competitive Affiliate program, Introducing Broker program and White Label program.

If you want to start in forex and want to know more or don't know anything about forex, then i have found a great blog where you can learn a lot about forex. Visit the blog Forex Online Resource which is about forex and has many resources which is very helpful on trading forex.

To join liteforex click on the picture which shows some features of liteforex:

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