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I have started to invest in HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) sites. And for now going through learning process. I am going to include some points on this post which the new investors may find useful.

Here are the points:

Invest the amount you can afford to loose: This is the basic rule of online investing and I have heard this many times. What it suggests that only play with the money which you have extra. And won't get in to trouble if you loose the money. You don't know what might the site do in future. So invest the amount you can afford to loose. If you gain then it's yours and if you loose then you took the risk.

HYIP is gambling not investment: Thought we call our deposits investments but technically it is not that. It is more like gambling because in online investment one has high risk of loosing money.

Read F.A.Q.s and other program policies: Every HYIP has a different way of running their site so read the program rules and planse and other things that you come across carefully.

Check pay plan: HYIP sites can pay on the basis of different plans. Like 2% daily or 10% weekly or some amount monthly or certain amount a a period. So before choosing be sure the site's pay plan meets most of your requirement.

Don't be greedy: You may have the question my title says greed is good and i am saying don't be greedy. Well how can greed be good. It is how you take it. By investing in such kind of sites you are already getting higher returns. And if you leave your money on sites for total maturity then you may not get the money back. So withdraw your principle when there is still time. And then whatever you make is your profit. This way you earn less but you won't have any loss if the site does not pay you later. Minimize the risk by taking out your principle investment.

Business activity: How the site is going to use the member's investment. I mean where they are going to use the money so they can multiply it and then get it back to you. From this you would know where is your money going and coming from.

Playing the HYIP game safely:

Sites with unrealistic returns: There are some sites which offer plans like 1000% after 1 day, 200% after 3 days. These sites are very risky to invest in. And these kinds of sites does not stay long. They are just hit and runners. They need to grab some money quick and run away.

Though we can't say that sites which offer low return ( e.g. 1% or 2%) can stay but those sites can sustain longer than the sites with high returns. If you think then you can see that these sites are giving low return so less money is going out from scenario so they can sustain longer.

Invest in different programs: It is much safer to invest small amount in different sites. Because this lessens the risk. Just think that if you invest all your money in one site that means if the site stops paying then all your money is lost. But if you invest in different programs then if one site goes scam you will have other sites from where you still can get money. Only a portion of your investment is lost in this case.

Don't spend big amount at beginning: Before you start investing in any HYIP it is better to go for a test spend. What I mean is spend the minimum amount the site requires. So before spending your real amount know about the site and also you can track the behavior of the site during your test spend. And if you feel a site is worth investing then you can make another spend while your test spend still running. This will minimize the risk of loosing too much money.

Check the functions of a site: You can check if the site's functions are working properly or not. Like when you try to withdraw money or if your referral links work or not. The site can recognize your password (or withdrawal code) or not. Because if you don't test those things then you may get to know about that when you try to withdraw on your planned period and at that time it may be too late.

Do research before investing: Before you invest in any site be sure to study about the site carefully. Get an idea that if the site will perform good or bad. To know about the sites read reviews about the site and also read other people's comments about the site. So you will have an idea if the site is promising or not.

Keep track your earnings: We invest on HYIPs through a medium. Like in most cases we use payment processors like alertpay or liberty reserve. So they also have a charge to get money on their account. So whatever you spend be sure you get your invested amount in full including the charges you are paying to your payment processor. After that profit comes in to the scenario.

Maintain a spreadsheet: You should also make a spreadsheet to keep track of your earnings and spending. Like how much you can earn at most from investing in one site. And also what should be your strategy in a site like how often you should withdraw money etc. Maintaining a spreadsheet will help you to keep track of everything you do on a site and also you can schedule and update and review your status time to time. It does not take much time to do it. So it is worth it.

Some other factors:

These factors may help you to decide on choosing a HYIP:

Design: Just guess how much the site spend on designing the site. It gives you an idea that how serious the admin is on running a site.

Hosting: Is a site using cheap hosting or spending money to host a good server for their site.

Advertising: How the site is advertising itself. I mean are they spending money to attract more investment or just letting the promotion on the existing member's hands.

Contents: Check how the site has maintained the contents of it's site. Try to find out the mistakes or if the site updates on a regular basis.

Growth: Check how the site's member base and investment going. I mean how often new member are joining and also how often they are depositing money. A rough observation may do the work.

Though the information may not be available on many sites so you need to do other things to know about the site.

The points above i learned during my investment activities. There are still many things for me to learn. I will be putting information on this blog as i grow my knowledge.

Till then Happy Earning.

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