Strategey to make more money with less investment on cyclers

Money making strategy in a cycler program:

One can earn a lot from a cycler program with little investment on a site. I have thought of this process and involves too much risk of not getting paid at all. Well check this strategy and think if it is worth a try or not.

So here it goes:

Suppose there is a cycler which offers these lines:

Price ROI % Bal (after inv.) Return Bal (after cycle) Decision Other gains Total
$4.00 160% $0.00 $6.40 $6.40 R $0.00 $6.40
$6.00 160% $0.40 $9.60 $10.00 R $0.00 $10.00
$10.00 250% $0.00 $25.00 $25.00 R $0.00 $25.00
$16.00 170% $9.00 $27.20 $36.20 R $0.00 $36.20
$20.00 250% $16.20 $50.00 $66.20 R $0.00 $66.20
$35.00 160% $31.20 $56.00 $87.20 R $0.00 $87.20
$50.00 300% $37.20 $150.00 $187.20 R $0.00 $187.20
$75.00 170% $112.20 $127.50 $239.70 R $0.00 $239.70
$100.00 320% $139.70 $320.00 $459.70 R $0.00 $459.70
$250.00 340% $209.70 $850.00 $1,059.70 C $0.00 $1,059.70

As you can see how only $4 of investment can bring you $1059 after it gets cycled. But there are loopholes in the process. Not all members who is in the line investing will make an investment on all the lines. They may withdraw at any point of time. So still it is risky in the process.

But there are some things you might not have noticed yet.Check the column named Bal (after inv.). What can you see there. At first 3 stages of investment there is nothing that is attractive. But after those 3 lines of investment what can you see? When you invest in $16 lines you are getting $9 profit after you cycle. And here goes your your chance of getting loss. (So now you can buy one or 2 more positions on $4 line again if you want.) You got $9 for your $4 investment. Now what comes next? You can use different strategies on these additional earnings as these are not getting used for your next investment which is on the line.

There is another loophole you may have not noticed. Look at $10 line and see it has a 250% ROI. So it means it needs more investment on it's position before it gets cycled. So Don't forget about that one also. Cyclers need push before one position gets cycled. Thought the earning potential of your $4 has $1059 but if you think like those hit and runners then there will be many people who will get stop also because their investment won't get cycled. So you should not think about your earning only but also help others earn more and they will do the same. This works best. Anyways you are only investing of what you have earned. There is nothing to loose for you actually.

Other things you need to be concerned about is that the cycler programs release different line at different times. So the lines won't get released when you get cycled. You need to think about that also. Don't forget the early bird gets the best worm. But it does not mean you won't get cycled. If people keeps reinvesting then you will get cycled and you already know how much a little amount of investment can make.

Finally, you can earn a lot but help others to earn also. They will help you earn again. A cycler can go for many cycles if people have the helping thought. This way they may earn a bit less (may be 1% to 5% less) but it will help others to earn and reinvest.

NOTE: I have prepared a excel file where you can keep track of your investments on cycler programs. All you need to do is put the values on Price/Line and ROI % fields. And if you get referral comissions then put it. All other things will get calculated automatically.

Download the Money Cycler investment strategy from here.

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